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Temperature Measurement... the Right Way

Smart Sensors, Inc. manufactures a complete line of thermocouple elements, RTD sensors, thermowell elements, industrial assemblies and specialty surface temperature sensors. Our products include multipoint temperature sensors, sanitary RTDs, high temperature furnace thermocouples and so much more to suit a wide variety of industrial applications and OEM markets.

With broad industry experience, technical expertise, and state-of-the-art facilities, Smart Sensors can meet the most demanding temperature measurement requirements.

Get Smart with RTD Accuracy

Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) sensors are replacing thermocouple elements at a very rapid rate. Recent surveys show a decline in thermocouples over the next five years; while the annual growth rate for RTDs is more than 4% per year. The reason for all this; is that the RTD has improved accuracy and stability when compared to a thermocouple. The acceleration in the mix change has been fueled by lower RTD costs.

The problem is that not all applications can be satisfied by the industry standard Class B RTD. Class A, the improved high accuracy RTD version of B also may fall short of the applications' accuracy requirements.

To learn more about A+, the top high accuracy RTD on the market, click on "best RTD accuracy".

To learn more about 1700 the most accurate RTD on the market with a range broad enough to handle most process applications click on "best RTD accuracy over a broad range".

Latest News!

SOR Controls Group Awarded ISO 9001 Registration for Expanded Houston Facility

SOR receives ISO 9001 Certificate of Registration from SAI Global

November 11, 2016 (Houston, Texas) SOR Controls Group is pleased to announce the receipt of ISO 9001 registraton for the new Houston facility.  Over the last year several of our brands were integrated into this new larger facility providing significant opportunity for continued growth.  These brands include Smart Sensors Incorporated (SSi), SETEX Products and SENSOR Sampling Systems.  This is evidence of the company's growth and ever increasng commitment to provide customers the highest level of quality temperature sensors, thermowells and sampling systems products.

The ISO 9001 certification confirms that SOR Controls Group has met all the standards and requirements for the Quality Management System.  For the past several months, employees have gone through a process of internal reviews and audits to prepare for the certification.  Establishing processes for continuous improvement and measuring customer satisfaction are important components to the ISO 9001 certification standards.

"I am so proud of all the hard work and effort that went into attaining this ISO 9001 certification" says Melanie Dirks, SOR Controls Director of Quality.  "Everyone had many other important job duties to perform besides preparing for this, but everyone understood the value and importance of this and went above and beyond to work with SAI Global to achieve this certification."

SAI Global System Registrar is an international accredited registrar for management systems standards such as ISO 9001, AS9100, ISO/TS16949 and TL9000.  SAI also provides public training for auditing, implementing and maintaining these standards.

Smart Sanitary RTDs

•High Accuracy
•Clean-in-Place Design
•Sensor Matching
•Fast Response

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